Shawmut OTS-400 600V 400A 11 58X2 916 K5 FUSE


$ 29.99

Shawmut OTS-400 600V 400A 11 58X2 916 K5 FUSE
See Pictures. These could be new or used, they were in a spare parts storage room

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MACHINE SAFETY: It is the users responsibility to provide proper saftety devices, procedures and equipment to safegaurd the machine, or machines, to conform to Federal, State and Local Government Saftey Standards and all Industry Safety Standards. Indemnification: High Bidder/Buyer Agrees to Idemnify and hold harmless Seller of and from any and all claims or liabilities, warnings, or recommendations available from the original manufacturer, or by failure of the user to comply with Federal, State, and Local Laws applicable to such equipment including the Occupatioal Safety and Health Act of 1970. The high bidder agrees to there terms and conditions! Thank You! Price and Availbility are subject to change without notice!!!


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